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Curriculum development, master classes, and simulator instruction (from a single class up to support for a full academic year)

We provide support for custom aviation curriculum development, whether it is a standalone pre-private ground school program, or integrating aviation technology concepts into a current STEM class. Our instructors are available for in-person or remote guest lecturing for 'real world' master class instruction, or for running flight training through desktop simulators. Availability is based on your needs as well as the instructor's flight schedules (subject to change), and is coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

Introduction to professional two-crew ops and turbine aircraft (roughly 8 hr course)

This course is designed to help bridge the experience gap for pilots building flight time towards their first 'professional' job. We will cover 135 operations and regulations, turbine aircraft operating principles, and generally what to expect from your first 'real' corporate or charter gig. SOPs, preflight techniques, call-outs, and Jeppesen charts will also be covered. Full interior/exterior preflight of a Pilatus PC-12 will also be included. One-day classes will provide lunch or dinner as appropriate, and multi-day classes will provide drinks and snacks. A certificate of completion will be presented to each participant, and this course can count as the required pressurization system ground school towards a high-altitude endorsement.


Please note if the current class is full, an additional section can be created if there are at least 4 participants. Email to request the creation of a new, unique section for your group.  Schedule permitting, our instructors are also available to come to your location.


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