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Expert teaching from real-world experience

Base To Final, LLC was started to assist educational institutions in creating or expanding aviation-based STEM/STEAM curriculum.  We assist with curriculum development, 'real world' pilot guest lecturing, and simulator instruction.  In addition, we offer new professional pilots 'gap' training to help prepare them for the transition from CFI instruction, banner towing, etc to operating a turbine aircraft as part of a professional crew.

My background is a B.AS degree in aviation with a professional pilot concentration and an M. Ed in aviation education.  I have been an active CFI/CFII/MEI for over 15 years, a full-time professional pilot for 7, and I also worked as a full-time teaching faculty at a private boarding high school for 8 years.  All of our instructors are either full-time jet pilots with extensive flight instructor backgrounds, or full-time teachers with years of professional part-time flight experience.

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